Nigerians Take a Chance as COVID-19 Lockdown Eases!

Three major cities have been locked down for five weeks; Lagos, Ogun and Abuja. Now, the Nigerian government has eased the regulations surrounding the lockdown and instead put a curfew in place along with compulsory safety precautions which include social distancing and the wearing of masks. However, these new regulations have already been breached by thousands as banks and other public places were inundated with visitors.  

Banks in Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital territory as a result of the lockdown ease. There were huge numbers of people at the banks after five weeks of lockdown – most of which had no regard for the new safety measures in place.

When asked why these people were visiting the bank that day, they stated that they simply had run out of money and needed to buy supplies for their families. Others had debts to pay or loved ones to provide for. All of this is an indicator of the implications of the lockdown for the people of these cities.

Some citizens communicated their shock over the sheer number of people gathering and the lack of precautions taken amid fears of a rise again in cases of COVID-19.

This said, it is of no surprise that on the day Nigeria relaxed its lockdown, the country announced its highest number of daily coronavirus cases yet, with 245 new cases recorded on Monday alone. This brings the total for the country to 2,802, the NCDC stated that, “On the 4th of May, 245 new confirmed cases and 6 deaths were recorded in Nigeria,”

Shola Lawanson

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