N13.5 Million To Maintain Congress Person

The Senate has rejected intimations of mutterings in the Senate over the disclosure by Senator Shehu Sani that N13.5 million was utilized as a part of keeping up a congressperson every month.

This came as Femi Falana, SAN, human rights legal counselor, said Senator Sani’s disclosure has demonstrated that Nigerian officials are the most generously compensated on the planet.

Falana said Sani’s exposure approves an announcement made to that impact by Itse Sagay, executive, Presidential Advisory Committee Against debasement, PACAC.

He praised the representative speaking to Kaduna Central for “blowing the shriek on a matter of critical national significance.”

Responding on its part, the Senate said there was just the same old thing new in the revelation and that representatives were not set up to brawl against Sani over the exposure.

Senate representative, Senator Aliyu Abdullahi, said it was just the same old thing new as, as per him, a similar data had been in different details and use leaders of the financial plan of the National Assembly, which has been made open.

Falana needs RMAFC to make a move on the issue

Falana, be that as it may, approached the administration to guarantee that the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC, makes a move on the issue.

“Out of the blue since May 1999, the Senator unveiled the gigantic payments of the individuals from the upper council of the National Assembly. As per the Senator, the running expense of every Senator is N13.1 million notwithstanding a solidified compensation of N750,000 every month,” he said in an announcement, yesterday.”

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