By Adeitan Adetukasi

Long overdue I believe but let’s see what they are coming up with. Too little too late? 

It’s been recently reported that Facebook is now beta testing a new ‘Text Effects’ option for News Feed posts which would enable end users’ options of a small range of stylised text types within their Facebook updates. Currently it is available in Desktop version. 

There are five style or text options which are already in use in Stories, and now Facebook is rolling those styles out to the rest of the News Feed, which makes perfect sense. It’s important to know that users can still add a colourful background to their posts, so it’s not a deviation from format. It has the potential to make your Feed a bit more colourful if certain users get more creative and artistic with their posts. 

No official figures are available from Facebook as of yet on how many users are implementing this new format, but you’d think that there would be some crossover between the users and the two options. Some would argue that most users don’t use post backgrounds because it’s not a default setting so suggestion is it hasn’t really taken off. However, the choice is still there, at least and by providing both background and text options within the update creation window. It can only encourage users the options in sharing onto Facebook Stories as this is where one of the Social Media site’s main focuses at present. 

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