Electric car charging point plans fall flat after councils fail to sign up for Government cash

More than £4m is available under the On-Street Residential Scheme that was initiated in 2016.

It provides money to pay for 75% of any street charge point installation, permitting up to £7,500 per charger.

Nevertheless, no council in the Express & Star region has got advantage of the money incentive.

This is a 35% growth in the sale of electric cars the previous year.

Only Cambridge, Portsmouth, Luton, Kettering, Kensington and Chelsea have taken up on the offer.

Cannock Chase Council Councillor Paul Woodhead, of the Green Party, asked if councils had the opportunity they should have been taking advantage of the cash incentive.

Electric cars were the way we were going so that had to be taken into account when planning transported infrastructure.

Staffordshire County Council and Walsall Council said funding offered was not enough to make the scheme viable.

Staffordshire County Council’s Councillor Helen Fisher, cabinet support member of highways and transport, told that the county council was keen to find any options to uphold and deliver sustainable transport in Staffordshire, including the Government residential charging point scheme which was set to run over the next two years.

The current scheme required 25% funding from participating councils which would have needed careful consideration when taking into account other financial pressures from social care to road repairs.

Moreover she told that electric charging points had been installed in Stafford town centre and County Hospital 4 years ago.

Walsall Councillor Lee Jeavons, portfolio holder for transport told that one of the key barriers to introducing such a scheme was that there was the need to be a local contribution from local authorities and with council budgets already stretched; that continued to prove a challenge.

The council was presently looking at identifying where funding might be allocated to take forward such a scheme.

He also told that under new planning guidance, new developments were required to offer electric charging points.


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