10 Top home schooling tips


Since the Coronavirus outbreak, many parents have found themselves responsible for home schooling – and often alongside working from home and other commitments. This adjustment may feel difficult for both you and your children. Even with the best intentions – including lesson plans or a great routine – some children might find it challenging to do school work at home.

1. Take a short break if you need to. If your child is getting bored or feeling upset and frustrated it’s OK to stop for a while. Take a short break and return to it when they are in a better frame of mind.

2. Look for triggers – are certain subjects upsetting them? Or certain times of day they are feeling fed up? Understanding these triggers will allow you to look at ways to help

3. Think of other ways to keep them interested in a subject – it’s OK to get creative! Try and use what you have at home to help you.

4 . Sometimes you will need be firm – it may not always be fun but it’s important to do it so try and sit down and have a heart-to-heart. No doubt there are things at school they don’t want to do but they do still need to be done.

5. Set a timer so that they can see an end to their task or challenge them to get as much as they can done against the clock. You can then let them have a break and do something fun when they are finished.

6. Try and get their work done as early in the day as possible. This means once it’s done you can relax about it – and so can they!

7. Try reward charts – give them incentives like extra screen time, being able to play a game of their choice or doing something fun they love.

8. PRAISE! We are all working really hard in very strange times. Remember to tell them how great they have done after every piece of work and praise them while they’re working.

9.  It might be tricky with some many at home but try and find a place for them to work with the fewest possible distractions.

10. If they are finding a task or subject hard, can you help them? Listen to them and help them to find a solution. If your child is still finding things difficult, talk to them about what the problem might be. Ask them what’s stopping them? Is the topic something they aren’t interested in? Is it too hard? Or not hard enough? Are they bored?

They may also be struggling with their new routine and having to do school work at home but this is something that you can change. You may need to be a bit flexible and change their routine.

Most importantly, don’t expect to get it right all the time. Remember that it’s a learning curve for parents too!

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Sharon Richards
Primary School Teacher
Lead for KS2

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